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About WormsOnline

It does just what it says on the tin, WormsOnline can supply live worms for your fishing!

Do you need a Small Pack, a Large Pack or a special anglers bait box to breed your own worm stocks? WormsOnline can supply it all.

WormsOnline can supply your worms when you need them and your worms are usually dispatched 1st class on the same day. (For all payments processed before 4.00pm Monday to Thursday).

Our sister company earth-essentials.co.uk also supplies many more 'green' products to enhance your lifestyle including the famous 'Beehive Wormery' and 'Black Gold' Worm Castings - Visit their site - click here.

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Why Buy Our Worms?
  1. All our worms are hand selected with care and attention to ensure their optimum condition is maintained as far as we possibly can.
  2. Our packaging is strong, sensible and helps protect the worms during transit. We want them to arrive safely and ready for you to use straight away.
  3. The worm containers are strong and durable with lids so they can be used over and over again by you.
  4. You will receive your worms in safe bedding and they will have been recently fed a special diet ensuring they are healthy for you.
  5. We know all about worms so know how to look after them.
  6. We are the largest indoor vermiculture unit in the UK.
  7. Our customer service is the best, call us, e-mail us or visit us and see for yourself.

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