Frequently Asked Questions

Why Dendrobaenas?
A) These are some of the best worms for angling, they transport well, can survive pretty harsh conditions and can they wriggle!!!!!!

When will my order be dispatched?
A) If your payment is processed before 4.00 pm Monday to Thursday your order will usually be dispatched on the same day for next day delivery. Dispatch is always on a Monday Thursday basis so the worms arrive within 24 hours of dispatch.

Will the worms be in good condition when I get them?
A) We certainly hope so! We would not dispatch any worm unless we felt it could easily survive the journey. We take the greatest of care when handling, packing and dispatching the worms.

Do your worms wriggle a lot?
A) Oh yes!!!!!

How long will my worms survive after dispatch?
A) As we take great care when picking and packaging your worms they shoud be quite comfortable for several days after dispatch especially if you follow the instructions supplied with them.

How do you pick the worms?
A) We only handle the worms wearing special gloves so the acid in our skin does not harm them. We know that you want good quality worms so that is what you will get.

How are the worms packed?
A) Once separated we carefully place the worms in the prepared container along with a good quantity of safe bedding so they can travel safely. The worms will have been recently fed ensuring they are ready for you! We use strong and durable containers so they are safe in transit. This gives you the added benefit of now owning a good strong re-usable container. The containers have a lid which allows you to manage the worms really easily and helps stop any of the little wrigglers escaping.

What size are the worms?
A) the average adult Dendrobaena is about 4-5 cm and weigh about 1.5 grams. However you may well have worms larger than this or smaller than this as we usually have a mix of sizes but all will be just great for the job of catching that elusive fish!

Do I need to feed the worms?
A) Yes, worms are living creatures and will need feeding if not used immediately. We can supply you with the food that they are fed on here at Green by Nature. We strongly advise this if you intend keeping the worms for more then 24 hours after receiving them.

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