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Black Gold Worm Castings Vermicast

Our organic vermicast fertiliser is produced naturally by earthworms. This high quality plant food will boost all your plants and grass, PLUS, there is no need to use chemical fertilisers on your soil.

  • Produce stronger plants that live longer!
  • Vermicast is environmentally safe for all your plants, animals and humans
  • Excellent for your houseplants, vegetables, shrubs and trees, lawns and landscaping!
  • SAVE MONEY - Use less fertiliser with your plants
  • Naturally Odour Free
  • Fertiliser castings allow plants to quickly and easily absorb all essentials nutrients and trace elements
  • Less Watering Required with our vermicast
  • Improved Soil Structure and Aeration
  • Excellent Soil Enhancer
  • Vermicastings have a high concentration of beneficial bacteria and microbe

black gold
650g Containers RRP £5.99
10Kg Sacks RRP £19.99